September 12, 2017 (at right) - Speaker Ed Gillespie, Virginia Republican Gubernatorial candidate








August 29, 2017 (at right) - Speakers Suhail Haider, M.D. and Rehan Khan, M.D.








August 8, 2017 (at right) - Speaker Dr. Ralph Northam, Virginia Democrat Gubernatorial candidate








July 11, 2017 (at right) - Speaker Adria Hogan, Cristo Rey RIchmond high school








September 5, 2017 (at left) - Speaker John Padgett, District 7600 Governor and his wife Lee Ann








August 15, 2017 (at left) - Speaker Brittany Keegan, Doctoral Candidate Virginia Commonwealth University








July 18, 2017 (at left) - Speaker Abigail Schreiner, Hope Tree Family Services




DSCN7302 (2).jpg

June 27, 2017 (at left) - Annual Awards Ceremony Recipients

Mary Ann Wilson - President's Award

Chris Beach - President's Award

Alex Van Nuys and Pam Embrey - Rotary Service Award

Jeanne Walls - Claude Woodward Award

Marshall Orr - Rotarian of the Year Award

Mark Christian - Member of the Richmond Rotary Board Award

October 2016 (above) - Richmond Mayoral Candidates share their compelling visions for the City of Richmond.