Richmond Rotary Charities Fund

By Marshall Orr

The Richmond Rotary Charities Fund was established in 2017 when an organization called the Suhor-Graham Foundation dissolved after 30 years of existence. Each of the five member organizations received $350,000 which we put with the Richmond Community Foundation. The money came from an individual, George Suhor, who was shown organizations like Rotary by a member of our Club, Stewart Graham, who asked that I be the permanent representative of Rotary to distribute these funds to 501©3 organizations in the Richmond area of the type we generally favor. When I leave the Club or no longer want the responsibility of handling the Fund, what is still in it shall be turned over to our larger Rotary Activities fund at the Community Foundation. I try to select smaller organizations that have one or more of our members working there as volunteers, and have generally given up to $5,000 per organization on a one time basis. I work with our President and others on selecting them and welcome anyone in the Club talking with me about an organization they admire and volunteer at personally.

The following chart shows what we have given to since the Charities Fund was started. The amount you see is what I to commit each year and I welcome questions and thoughts from everyone. We are very fortunate to have received this windfall and our community is the beneficiary.

For a list of grant awardees, click here.